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It will be an ongoing journey between fitter and rider as we get you to the comfort and power level that you are looking for.   So many shops are looking for the next big fitting computer or machine to achieve things for them, but what really matters is the person behind it and what they are capable of.    I have experience in racing and training all stages of triathlon ranging from sprint tri to single, double , triple and 5x iron distance.   I also have competitive experience in mountain biking and cyclocross as well as ultra distance road cycling.    I can understand and listen to your needs and help you understand a better connection to your machine and then your goals.   I am experienced in hands-on analog bike fitting: a fading art in a sea of digital fit bikes and online certifications, but I am also always learning something new each time and progressing with my athletes.   Expect 2-4 hours for the initial fitting and then as many follow ups as needed as your fit changes with your goals.   

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P.O. Box 575

Kailua, HI 96734

Tel: 973-981-5934


Mon-Fri: 4pm-8pm

Saturday: 8am-8pm

Sunday: 8am-8pm

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